get lost in the binary-busting world of 'randy,' the ultimate experimental queer art zine

i-D presents an exclusive preview of images from a new anthology of ‘Randy,’ the trans-feminist magazine that brought together queer artists including Cass Bird, Venus X, and boychild.

by Emily Manning
14 April 2016, 3:05pm

In 2009, photographer and publisher Sophie Mörner teamed up with interdisciplinary artist A.K. Burns to launch Randy. A bold experiment, the annual artist's magazine examined widely varied perspectives on trans-feminist arts and activism. The New York-based duo sought to engage people of gender identities as diverse as the city we live in, so they brought together a cacophony of underrepresented voices in creative dialogue. Throughout its three-year life span, Randy took the forms of a printed zine, performance platform, and nightclub event. Now, art book publisher Capricious is pleased to announce a 300-plus page anthology of Randy zines spanning 2010-2013.

From the movie Shakedown by Leilah Weinraub. Becoming Shakedown's Egypt, 1999.

The impressive roster of collaborators featured in RANDY: 2010-2013 indicates just how all-encompassing the platform was. The full-color anthology contains over 100 interviews, conversations and projects including work by Wu Tsang, Leilah Weinraub + Venus X, Hayden Dunham, India Salvor Menuez, Christelle De Castro, Niv Acosta, Matthew Stone, boychild, and very many more. Here, i-D presents an exclusive preview of these images, including: Cass Bird's portrait of Light Asylum's Shannon Funchess, a scene from Colin Self's Randy #4 performance at MoMA PS1, and a still from Shakedown, a film by Hood by Air CEO Leilah Weinraub.

Nicole Eisenman, Headstone, 1997

In championing these artists and creating an ecosystem for their work, Randy's zines functioned as a sort of index of queer thinkers. The collection of these zines as a book reenforces the lasting legacy of a project that expanded ideas about art, sexuality, politics and how each of them play a momentous role in shaping queer identity and experience. Get inspired by diving into its provocative, humorous, and vibrant world!

'Randy' is available now via Capricious. More information here.

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Colin Self performance for Randy #4 launch at MoMA PS1, photo by Charlie Roussel

Masterpiece, Kathe Burkhart

Capitalism & Sexual Difference, collaborative project between Luke Gilford (photos) & Wu Tsang (text)

Martha Wilson, A Portfolio of Models


Text Emily Manning
Shannon Fuchness, photography Cass Bird

New York
Venus X
Cass Bird