h&m joins forces with m.i.a. for world recycling week

​The Swedish brand continues its drive to 'close the loop' in fashion.

by Matthew Whitehouse and i-D Staff
15 March 2016, 1:34pm

In a match made in abbreviation heaven, H&M is joining forces with M.I.A to mark the first World Recycle Week (or W.R.W for short). Part of an "ambitious global Garment Collecting activity," The Company Formally Known As Hennes & Mauritz, aims to collect and recycle 1,000 tons of unwanted clothing from its customers worldwide, transforming the recycled fibers into shiny, new products and dishing out gift certificates to anyone who takes part in the process. And, to raise awareness, M.I.A. will be debuting an exclusive music video, highlighting the impact of landfills on hm.com on April 11.

Since first launching its Garment Collecting in 2013, H&M has bagged over 25,000 tons of unwanted clothing, ensuring less of it ends up in landfills and taking the brand nearer to it's goal of "closing the loop" in fashion. For more information about the project, as well as how you and your old clothes can take part, have a click on the link below.


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