killer mike calls for men in the music industry to stand up to sexual assault

The rapper continues to prove he’s one of hip-hop's most progressive thinkers.

by Wendy Syfret
21 January 2016, 3:18pm

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Earlier this week Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors started a Twitter tsunami after she shared an incident when Heathcliff Berru of Life or Death PR and Management sexually assaulted her at a bar. Over the following day, many other women in the industry came forward and shared their own disturbing experiences with him. Not surprisingly, he began losing clients and within 24 hours, had stepped down from his own company.

Killer Mike was one of those clients, and today he took to Facebook to confirm he's ended his business relationship with Berru and wholeheartedly stood in solidarity with the women who spoke out.

Explaining he had no idea about the accusations previously, he said: "I stand in solidarity with the women that have spoke out. No one should have to feel afraid for speaking out when wronged in any manner or feel like no cares about them."

Furthermore he expressed his own position that sexual misconduct isn't an issue that stops with the individual. It's been alleged that many other men knew about Heathcliff's actions and either ignored them, or helped cover them up. Focusing on that unnerving fact, Killer Mike concluded: "Men have to be able to tell our friends and peers when they're wrong. We cannot just say, it's not my problem. We can't expect ppl to improve if we're not willing to hold them accountable and push them to be better."


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