from mariah to alaia, ten fab christmas style moments

From Mariah to Alaïa, here are i-D’s favourite holiday style moments from film, television, and music videos.

by Emily Manning
23 December 2014, 5:50pm

Cursed with a severely limited colour palette and fabric selections (velvet, velvet, and more velvet), staying stylish during the Christmas season can be a serious challenge. To get your creative juices flowing, i-D has rounded up our top ten Christmas style moments from film, television, and music videos, from Cher Horowitz to Cady Heron.

1. Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas is You

In 94, then 24-year-old Mariah Carey and her Guinness World Record holding eight-octave vocal range released "All I Want for Christmas is You," cementing her status as undisputed Christmas ROYALTY. Having sold over 14 million copies, Carey's modern classic remains her biggest international hit and one of the best-selling singles of all time. This year marks the song's 20th anniversary, an occasion the elusive chanteuse is celebrating by playing six sold out shows at New York's Beacon Theater. Here's hoping she also somehow reprises the music video's killer Christmas wardrobe, which--replete with red fuzzy mohair sweaters, full body red puffer snowsuits, and a take on Santa's uniform only Carey could pull off--is easily the most diverse array of Christmas attire anyone could cram into 3:56 of footage.

2. Clueless Christmas Party

So what if Beverly Hills has never had a white Christmas? That didn't stop Clueless' iconic teen queen Cher Horowitz from throwing on a bright red Alaïa ("like a totally important designer") mini-dress and rollin' with the homies at a particularly festive Southern California house party. Follow Cher's lead and look like a total Betty this holiday season, even if you do end up getting mugged in a Sun Valley liquor store parking lot.

3. American Psycho Christmas Party

Based on Bret Easton Ellis' breakout profile of a white collar serial killer, American Psycho plays host to some of the decade's best on-screen performances, including Christian Bale's sociopathic Patrick Bateman and Reese Witherspoon's irksome Evelyn. At their annual Christmas party, Patrick keeps it clean cut and corporate (save a less-than-festive red tie), while Witherspoon's impossibly grating character parades around in a strapless green dress proclaiming "Mistletoe Alert!" toting 2000's hottest accessory, a potbelly pig. 

Mean Girls, Jingle Bell Rock

Latex skirts, spaghetti strap tank tops, patent leather stiletto boots, and faux fur trim: there's no question whether the Plastics' "Jingle Bell Rock" performance from 04's Mean Girls is Noughty or nice. Although Cady and crew stumble their way through their sexed-up version of the harmless holiday classic, they completely nail the era's super skimpy, carefree style (abiding by the rules of course: on Wednesdays we wear pink and no vests. Ever.)

5. Band Aid, Do They Know it's Christmas

In 84, Bob Geldof formed charity supergroup Band Aid to record "Do They Know it's Christmas?" a single which raised relief funds for famine in Ethiopia. Comprised of over 40 super-star artists, Band Aid featured the likes of David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Kool & the Gang, and many others. In a sea of haggard holiday mullets, one style star stands out: Boy George. The Culture Club lead singer sports a chic navy trench and Manic Panic dyed orange locks (just one shade away from Christmas cheer.)

6. Destiny's Child, 8 Days of Christmas

"On the eighth day of Christmas my baby gave to me a pair of Chloe shades and a diamond belly ring." Honestly, what more could you ever ask for? Destiny's Child's 14-year-old sing along gift guide absolutely stands the test of time, as does the group's coordinated (obvi) festive attire. While Beyonce's Santa-themed mini dress is amazing, it's Kelly Rowland's Santa-themed UNITARD and matching red highlights that steal this sartorial show.

7. SNL, "Schweddy Balls" sweaters

In this cult classic SNL sketch, Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, and Alec Baldwin team up to parody ridiculous NPR talk shows with some good old fashion dick jokes. Margaret Jo McCullen and Terry Rialto, hosts of the fictional Delicious Dish, bring Season's Eatings restaurant owner Pete Schweddy on the air to talk about his scrumptious balls. Although Schweddy's balls are certainly the stars of the skit, Margaret Jo and Terry's aggressively festive Christmas sweaters are not to be overlooked.

8. Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands

While Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder's off-screen relationship might have come to a well documented end (don't tell us you forgot about Depp's less-than-imaginative tattoo cover-up 'Wino Forever'), the pair's on-screen yuletide style in Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands definitely still slays. Kim Bogg's white satin party dress with enormous belt detailing holds up beautifully as she's dancing through a snowstorm created by Edward, who's basically wearing Hood by Air's spring/summer 15 'Superego' collection.

9. White Christmas, Sisters

In Irving Berlin's classic 54 Christmas musical White Christmas, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye team up to parody a performance by the Haynes Sisters. Although the original ladies kill it in beautiful blue lattice dresses, the dudes' version sees some stand out style moments, including rolled up trousers crisp white shirting, and lighthearted crossover accessories including blue flower headpieces, neck scarves, and waist sashes.

10. Seinfeld, Festivus

In this Seinfeld episode, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and the random people they found on the street gather to celebrate George 'Can't Stand Ya' Costanza's least favorite holiday, Festivus. Gathered around the Festivus pole, the OGs of Normcore flex their best Gap button ups, dad jeans, and white athletic shoes in celebration of the only holiday "for the rest of us." 


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