christmas cover: danny l harle, stay another day

Still in the festive spirit after yesterday? Curl up on the sofa in front of the fire, crack open the Quality Street and play loud.

by i-D Team and Francesca Dunn
26 December 2014, 9:45am

Prolong Christmas by listening to only the best festive bangers. Start here for some sweet cyborg heartache by one of our favourite producers.

Danny L Harle is shaking up the industry with releases on the now infamous PC Music. Alongside the likes of A.G. Cook, Hannah Diamond and SOPHIE, he delivers his own brand of super fun electronic dream music that leaves grandparents with conflicting emotions and the cool kids buzzing. While his 2013 track Broken Flowers still sits deep within our hearts, his latest single In My Dreams seems to sit on absolutely everybody's end of year lists.

As we make our way through boxing day and eat our way through our presents, let Danny keep the magic alive with this very special cover of East 17's Stay Another Day. Featuring Raffy, the vocalist from In My Dreams, this isn't just a song, it's a whole adventure. Kicking things off with a Imogen Heap style vocoder, things break into an 8-bit gameboy ditty complete with bell rings and malfunctioning vocaloids.


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