malia obama might be new york’s next it-girl

The president’s daughter and Pro Era’s number one fan was spotted touring Columbia and NYU this morning.

by Emily Manning
06 February 2015, 10:40pm

Image via Flickr Creative Commons

Like really cool dad, like even cooler daughter. Last month, Malia Obama almost broke the internet when a selfie of her flexin' in a Pro Era t-shirt surfaced on Instagram, revealing a hip-hop penchant she probably picked up from her Jay-Z bumping dad. Today, the first daughter caused serious fanfare when she and mom Michelle took a tour of Barack's old uptown stomping grounds, Columbia University (he graduated with a BA in political science back in 83) as well as downtown's New York University.

According to some seriously stoked students on Twitter, the high school junior, her hula hoop champion mom, and several Secret Service members were first peeped touring two NYU dorms, then spotted at Morningside Heights' Community Food and Juice.

Malia, if you do decide to make the Big Apple your home for the next four years, i-D is always looking for interns. 


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Image via Flickr Creative Commons

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