Photography William Selden. Styling Victoria Young.

we shot some dogs wearing dover street market’s new dog-themed t-shirts

Fashion isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for dogs.

by Hanna Hanra
22 February 2018, 5:40pm

Photography William Selden. Styling Victoria Young.

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

I don’t know if you like dogs or have a dog or are a dog, but whatever. It’s Chinese Year of the Dog. People born in Year of the Dog are apparently, "loyal and honest, amiable and kind, cautious and prudent, loyal and sincere". They "sometimes roll in fox shit" and "sit on the top part of the pillow when you are asleep". Or maybe that’s just my actual dog, Pamela McPooky.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Dover Street Barket have invited various friends and collaborators to design limited edition Year of the Dog T-shirts. Including A Bathing Ape, NikeLab(rador) Undercover, Stüssy, and Snoopy, these are exclusively available in-store and online.

David the Jack Russell wears T-shirt by Dreamland Syndicate
David, 11, would like to see more bones and less cats in the world for 2018. To him, the most important thing happening in culture right now is the fact that Mariah Carey has a Jack Russell just like him. He’s a good boy.

Pamela the Schnocker wears T-shirt by Nick Cave
Pam, 3, lives in east London. Her best friend is Gee the Poodle. Her favorite food is park bread and her favorite song to howl along to is " A Dog Called Money" by PJ Harvey. She hopes for more treats in 2018. She’s a good girl.

Gee the Miniature Poodle wears T-shirt by Gimme 5
Gee, 2, feels most beautiful when he’s getting his tummy rubbed by i-D’s Fashion Editor Max Clark. He always brings the ball back and is a good boy, isn’t he?

Rei the Standard Poodle wears T-shirt by Werk Magazine / Theseus Chan
Rei is named after Rei Kawakubo. In her spare time she plays the drums in a local indie pop band and is a vocal critic of the catriachy. In the future she is hopeful for more walks, more treats, and less cats. She’s a good girl.

Colin the Boxer wears T-shirt by Undercover
Colin knows how to shake hands when you put a treat in front of him and say “paw”. In 2018 he’d like the cat next door to stop teasing him with her appalling mewsic taste. He prefers ambient techno, don’t you know? What we know, however, is that he’s a good boy.

Dodger the Cockapoo wears BAPE x DSM
Ever since Dodger was a little puppy he knew he had to follow his creative passion and curate all poodle art shows. Dodger believes in Cockapoo just being Cockapoo. He’s such a good boy.

Eddie the Scruff wears Richardson
Eddie snores so loudly he wakes himself up and then barks at himself. He’s a good boy.

Editor's note: an earlier version of this article stated that Buster was a good boy. In fact, Dodger was a good boy. (But we are sure Buster is a good boy too, whoever he is).


Photography William Selden

Styling Victoria Young

Dover Street Market