Photo by Jasmin Storch. 

stockholm fashion week canceled on account of sustainability

"If the fashion industry is to survive with the planet, we must oversee volumes and develop new business models."

by Nicole DeMarco
01 July 2019, 6:44pm

Photo by Jasmin Storch. 

The sustainable movement within fashion has without a doubt been growing this year, as more and more people consider the impact of fast fashion and countless luxury houses (and entire cities) ban the use of exotic furs and skins. The latest attempt to ameliorate fashion’s waste problem comes out of Sweden, where The Swedish Fashion Council announced that they are cancelling Stockholm Fashion Week, which was scheduled to take place August 27 to 29, in favor of more sustainable options.

“Stepping away from the conventional Fashion Week model has been a difficult, but much considered decision,” says Jennie Rosén, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council. “We need to put the past to rest and stimulate the development of a platform that is relevant for today’s fashion industry (and) focus on creating tools and platforms in order to support and prepare the industry for the future.”

The Swedish Fashion Council has yet to answer our burning questions — like what they think the new fashion calendar should look like, if our notably progressive Scandinavian friends have created some sort of futuristic fashion week model, and how they plan to uphold their reputation of supporting emerging designers. Inquiring fashion fans would like to know.

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