montreal musician homeshake’s new video is full of kissing, hugging, making love, and getting high

Mac DeMarco’s ex-bassist makes sleepy, sexy love songs and we’ve got the exclusive on his new video.

by Francesca Dunn and Frankie Dunn
10 April 2017, 2:15pm

Having a stressful start to the day? Stop what you're doing right away and stick Homeshake's new LP on for instant chill. Out now on Sinderlyn, Fresh Air is full of minimal R&B with a dash of sleepy funk — sun-drenched slow jams designed to soundtrack your romancing. Montreal-based bass master Peter Sagar used to play in buddy Mac DeMarco's band but, growing tired of relentless touring, he decided to give everything to his Homeshake project, and it sure paid off.

Maybe you saw the video for his last single "Every Single Thing," in which some Taiwanese movers and shakers show us what they've got while their dog wonders what's going on? Similarly lo-fi is today's treat: the visuals for next single, "Khmlwugh." Don't bother trying to pronounce it, it's an acronym and you'll get it once the chorus kicks in. Shot in an abandoned swingers hotel in a resort area of Pennsylvania, we join Peter and his irl sweetheart sitting by the fire, feeding each other grapes, and setting off fireworks. Totally adorable. We had a chat with Peter to find out more about it. 

What's "Khmlwugh" all about then?
Feeling negatively to the old around you, but happy thanks to the love and support of your partner.

It's basically a love song, right?
Ohhhhh ya.

Has anyone ever written one for you?
I don't think so, definitely haven't heard one if so. I think that would make me feel pretty uncomfortable.

Why the minute-long end drone?
It's a pretty fast song, at least for my standards, and it seemed like a nice balance to end the song. I wanted it to be longer but it would have been too long for vinyl.

What's going on in the video?
Waking around a sketchy abandoned swinger motel in the Poconos, relaxing with my sweetheart Salina, and riding some ATVs in the mud.

Why Homeshake?
Refers to a handshake my with my friend Ily.

Was your press shot taken in Nara?
Yes. I love those deer so much, they bow to you and then you feed them crackers. I tried the crackers, definitely not tasty, but the deer love them. One of them rammed me in the butt 'cause it wanted the roasted yam I was eating, but that's people food, so I ran away.

When people ask what kind of music you make, what do you tell them?
I can't stand that question. If it's a border cop asking when we drive into the States I say "pop rock." If it's a normal person I either say "relaxing music" or "I don't know."

What film or tv show do you reckon it would best soundtrack?
Hmmm I don't know, haven't thought about that. Maybe some hip stupid web series or something. I'd love to do soundtrack work for movies, it's my long-term goal for when I get too old to pull this off.

Apparently Skepta is a fan of your music? Are you a fan of Skepta?
Much so, got a lot of respect for what he does.

How's the tour going so far?
Driving to our first show in San Diego today, traffic's not bad so everything is going well.

Where's your favorite place to get fresh air?
Balcony of my apartment.

What did you learn from playing with Mac DeMarco?
Touring nine months a year is terrible.

Which other Montreal artists should we know about?
Unblonde, Sheer Agony, She-Devils, Brave Radar, Freelove Fenner, Skin-T0ne, Sivani.

How much do you secretly wish your last name was Sugar?

What's the last dream you remember having?
I had a notable one last night but woke up to my friend's cats meowing so cute and immediately forgot it. I have a terrible dream memory, unfortunately.

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