formation: music to... wake up late to

As the London twins tour Europe, wake up late and immerse yourself in this exclusive mix

by i-D Team and Francesca Dunn
08 April 2015, 2:02am

Formation are twin brothers from South London with a sound that frequently draws comparisons to Tom Vek and DFA. First ensnaring us with the bass-led disco funk of their Young Ones EP at the end of last year, they've since treated us to a banging rework of Shura's Indecision and an impressive bootleg of Tobias Jesso Jr's True Love single. Combining their distant but assured vocal with warm tones and plenty of cowbell, we're looking forward to the next offering from the lifelong duo. As they busy themselves touring Europe and warm up for Brighton's The Great Escape, wake up late and immerse yourself in this exclusive mix from Formation.


Andy Hart, The Same for Me 
Oskar Offermann & Moomin, Hardmood 
Max Graef & Labuzinski, Drums of Death
Leon Vynehall, It's Just (House of Dupree)
Motor City Drum Ensemble, Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
Black Joy, Untitled (Kerri Chandler's Bigga Mix)
Detroit Swindle, The Break Up (Original Mix)
Mia Dora, Un.Sub
Kindness, Gee Up (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
Gordon's War, The Rock Is Gonna Get You (Re-Edit)
Executive Suite, Why In the World Do They Keep On (Funk'in With Me)

And because everybody's life needs a soundtrack, we asked Formation for theirs...

Music to shift your mood from staying in to staying up all night...
Anything featuring the combination of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. If there are serious grooves being dropped, we're staying up.

Music for fiery arguments and emotional goodbyes... Bob Dylan, Boots of Spanish of Leather
If you ever have to say goodbye to someone to this song, good luck, as your heart will be torn to pieces.

Music to kiss and make up to... Fleetwood Mac, Everywhere
Kiss, make up, have a dance, good times.

Music to heal a broken heart... Pantera, Domination
Because sometimes you just have to power through.

Music to get high to... America, A Horse With No Name
If you can also find a good desert setting and some genuine 'off-the-grid' hippies it will be the high of your life.

Music to change your night from mediocre to magnificent... The Precisions, If This Is Love
Keep the Faith!

Music to take a long drive to... Fela Kuti, O D O O
Put the top down and drive safe.

Music to walk down the aisle to... Jamiroquai, Canned Heat
If you walk down the aisle to Jamiroquai and your partner is cool with that, then well done my friend you have found THE ONE.

Music you'd like played at your funeral... Blake R Henson, My Flight For Heaven
We might not be getting in but at least it'll be a nice soundtrack.

Music to have sex to... Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Ooh Baby Baby
This should come with the warning that Smokey may overshadow the moment with that irresistible voice.

Music to celebrate your birthday to... DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter, I've Got So Much Love To Give.
You should have this on for the full 24 hours.

Music guaranteed to give you serious swagger... David Bowie, Fame.
Taking groove to another level, it'll be like walking down the red carpet everywhere you go.

Music to make even the wallflowers dance... The Fascinations, The Girls Are Out To Get You
If you can't move to this one, you may want to go shopping for a new soul. I hear you can get them cheap on Ebay.

Music to play at the afterparty when it's 6am and the sun is beginning to rise... Aretha Franklin, I'm In Love.

Music that could put even an insomniac to sleep... Arvo Pärt, Für Alina
Good luck staying awake.


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