​trans woman courtney demone wants social media sites to #freeallbodies

Courtney Demone hasn’t developed breasts yet, but she soon will. When are Facebook and Instagram going to decide they’re sexual enough to censor?

by Felicity Kinsella
14 October 2015, 4:20pm


"As a trans woman on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), I'm starting to grow breasts. Despite the pain it causes, it is exciting. I'm going to have boobs!" writes Courtney Demone on her first blog for Mashable last month, documenting her transition from man to woman. The 24-year-old "designer, occasional writer, hip hop enthusiast and trans girl", as she describes herself in her Instagram bio, is taking #FreeTheNipple to the next level, opening up the conversation to transgender men and women, who don't have stereotypical female bodies.

She has been on HRT for several months, and has been recording her progress with topless photos on social media. The problem is, Facebook and Instagram both censor female nipples. When will they decide Courtney's breasts are female enough to ban from these platforms? "At what point in my breast development do I need to start covering my nipples? I already feel shameful about them being visible, but at what point does society say it's unacceptable for them to be out?" Courtney continues. "To give me some idea, I have my good friends Facebook and Instagram to help answer that question."

While #FreeTheNipple has got guys photoshopping girls areolas over their own, girls wearing tops with prints of other girls boobs on them, and has helped massively in spreading the word about society's unfair sexualisation of women, Courtney argues that the movement has "failed to show the diverse ways in which people with differing bodies are sexualized, fetishised, exoticised and shamed." So she came up with a new hashtag.

#FreeAllBodies is for everyone to use in the hope of overcoming every type of image policing and body shaming. Whether that shame stems from gender, nudity, skin colour, size or disability, Courtney wants you to share your stories of how society treats your body.

Courtney hasn't yet had any images censored, but she reckons that could start happening next year, in the meantime, she's opening up the discussion, to get involved hashtag #DoIHaveBoobsNow or #FreeAllBodies on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr.

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