london venue passing clouds has been evicted by bailiffs

The much-loved Dalston club is the latest venue to fall victim to property developers.

by Lula Ososki
17 August 2016, 5:40pm

Bailiffs have officially evicted Dalston venue Passing Clouds, which celebrated its ten-year anniversary this year. The building was sold to a property development company earlier in the year who locked the doors to the property in June, which was not taken lightly by supporters of the nightclub. Those at Passing Clouds fought back by breaking into the building and continuing business as usual until last night, when 50 bailiffs seized control, confiscating music equipment as well as installing metal shutters over the doors and windows.

Determined not to go down without a fight, the Lyrically Challenged hip-hop and spoken word event which was due to take place tonight is expected to be held in the street outside the venue. This adds to the various petitions and protests which have taken place trying to keep the community-focused venue alive, with some supporters reaching out to Sadiq Kahn over Twitter today to help try and save the venue.


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