​billie jd porter to uncover secrets of chinese youth in new documentary series

The three-part documentary series will air on BBC Three later this summer.

by Nick Levine
12 August 2015, 3:12pm

Following her success with last year's Secrets of South America, Billie JD Porter is to present a new BBC Three series titled Secrets of China. The series will feature three hour-long episodes, each examining a different aspect of life for young people in the world's most populous nation. The first will focus on "growing up the Chinese way", with Billie visiting a disobedience bootcamp where children who have "disrespected: their parents are sent to learn discipline. During the same episode, Billie will explore China's professional gaming phenomenon, which offers young people a chance to get rich quick, but often provokes disdain from their more traditionally-minded elders.

The second episode will delve into the "national obsession" with marrying before the age of 28. Billie will meet young people defying pressure from their parents to settle down at a young age, as well as those who attend dating bootcamps and "marriage markets" in their quest to find themselves a spouse. The third and final episode will drill down into the state of the nation's economy as Billie meets both the Chinese super-rich and young people struggling to make ends meet.

The series will take Billie from the Great Wall of China to the nation's only tropical island, with the presenter celebrating Chinese New Year along the way. "I will never forget my time in China, nor the real importance of the culture's three intertwined chief principles: wealth, obedience and marriage," Billie says in a press release, adding that "the country's incredible history has shaped the nation to hold values so contrasting to ours, and it's been fascinating to see first-hand how different an experience growing up in China is compared to my own."

Secrets of China with Billie JD Porter begins at 9pm on 25 August on BBC Three.

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