​grimes will “surprise release” her next album in october

The Canadian musician also revealed that the upcoming album uses “mostly real instruments” in a series of tweets to fans.

by Charlotte Gush
26 May 2015, 12:31am

After scrapping a full album's worth of material that was set to be the follow up to her landmark record VisionsGrimes has answered a series of fan tweets about the next album she will release. When a fan tweeted, "Let's talk about a new album releases" to Grimes, she responded simply, "oct!", elaborating to another that, "it'll be a surprise release cuz I want fans to get it b4 press and the tracks should be heard together".

Grimes has previously said that the next album will be unlike her earlier work, tweeting in December 2014, "woo hoo just finished what could def b a third single for this album, my first attempt at a glam rock style song, feeling queen and bowie" and earlier today she seemed to confirm that, saying, "album will be surprise released all at once prob w 2 singles at the same time cuz every track is super different". When another fan asked whether the new album was more like Go or REALiTi, her most recent singles, Grimes replied, "neither it's real instruments very different from anything Previous". Intriguing! The countdown starts now.


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography Mac Boucher