katharine hamnett designed 'choose life' merch for 'trainspotting: t2'

Choose eco-friendly coffee tumblers. Choose 'T2' tangerine T-shirts and politically charged tote bags.

by Hannah Ongley
29 March 2017, 8:59pm

When Katharine Hamnett designed her "Choose Life" slogan tee in 1983, its call-to-action was famously adopted by George Michael circa-Wham! and erroneously appropriated by the anti-abortion movement. In 1996 the phrase was used in one of the most memorable opening monologues in film history: Mark "Rent Boy" Renton's memorable address to oppressed working-class youth living under the premiership of British Prime Minister — and Ronald Reagan's political soulmate — Margaret Thatcher. Hamnett didn't help write the expletive and drug-peppered monologue, but she likely agreed with its sentiment. The iconic designer and eco activist once met Thatcher while wearing a slogan tee referencing public opposition to the deployment of guided missiles in West Germany.

As Trainspotting's much-anticipated sequel T2 opens to 90s nostalgics and a new generation of disenchanted youth, Hamnett has designed an official "Choose Life" merch line for the beloved foul-mouthed franchise. Choose hats, choose tees, choose totes, choose coffee tumblers — all fully eco-friendly and rendered in a mix of Hamnett's signature monochrome and Trainspotting's tangerine. The collection will drop on April 8 to coincide with T2's Japanese release. 


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography courtesy Miramax © 1996

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