petra collins whisks us away to a hungarian paradise in her new film for gucci

From the sleepy surroundings of her grandmother’s living room to an exotic bathhouse filled with ethereal beauties, Petra Collins takes us on the trip a lifetime.

by Tish Weinstock
23 February 2017, 10:04pm

Inspired by the rural landscapes and oneiric interiors of her birthplace, Petra Collins whisks us away to a Hungarian paradise in her new film for Gucci's spring/summer 17 eyewear collection. We visit her grandmother's living room where her two young cousins are lost in the sweet ennui of the sleepy surroundings. But after putting on a video, they are magically transported to the idyllic pastures of the Hungarian countryside until they end up in a traditional bathhouse, filled with ethereal beauties all decked out in Gucci's finest. Fresh from the launch, we peel back the magic with a behind the scenes chat with Petra herself.

What was your inspiration for the video?
My childhood in Budapest and my two little cousins. I shot my family in Hungary last summer for A Magazine Curated by Alessandro Michele and had a creative revelation. I had never shot my family so intimately before, especially in a place that I call home. It opened me up to a new style of photography and subjects that I had never thought of capturing before. My cousins Palko and Rosa were so captivating in front of my camera that I had to make a film with them.

What did you want to convey?
I wanted this film to be from a child's perspective. To see life with such imagination and excitement.

How would you describe the overall aesthetic?
Childlike. A lot of the colors and set are inspired by Hungarian folktales and cartoons I used to watch.

What kind of feelings does going back to Hungary evoke?
Nostalgia and a real feeling of home. I've been traveling my whole life and never really feel an anchor, and Hungary is that for me.

How does it inspire you?
The culture, the colors, the food, the architecture.

What is it about Gucci that resonates with you?
Its ability to imagine the world as beautiful. Alessandro has such a strong vision and aesthetic, and with each season we get a refreshing reminder that clothing can still be relevant, subversive, and new.

What does the female gaze mean to you?
It means a different perspective. A change from a patriarchal view of not only women, but people.

Why is it so important to have women behind the camera?
It is important to have women — and other marginalized groups — behind the camera because we can't just have our stories told from one viewpoint. In an increasingly image-heavy world, it is important to see yourself in that landscape.

What does it mean to be a woman in 2017?
Choices and the power to change the world.

What else are you working on at the moment?
A lot, haha. A lot of things that I can't speak about just yet.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I would really love to direct a feature film.

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