i-DJ: 食品まつり aka foodman

This Japanese footwork producer will help you forget your real life worries with his playful messed up mix.

by Frankie Dunn
09 June 2017, 6:55pm

We're sort of obsessed with Japanese producer Takahide Higuchi aka foodman. Firstly, what a great name. Secondly, he makes seriously fun weirdo music that we can't get enough of. We asked our friendly foodman for a mix earlier this year but he's been busy with Boiler Room sets in NY, shows in Copenhagen, jaunts across Europe, and the small task of making his new album. Back briefly in his hometown of Yokohama, he's made us a very special mix that'll fix whatever social/political woes you're feeling right now.

Takahide never intended to make music, instead planning to live on a desert island but soon falling into producing in high school. Perhaps this change of heart was inspired by the first ever album he owned, the 1999 Mercury Award-winning O.K by forward-thinking tabla player turned producer of industrial-classical Indian music, Talvin Singh. Fast forward to today and you'll find him making footwork inspired experimental sounds, often performing with a backdrop of tasty-looking food-based visuals.

It's over to the man himself now for a fantastical mix of his favourite Japanese rock, hip-hop and jazz, with some of his own songs thrown in for good measure. Lose yourself in the magic.

Foodman is off on a US tour in June. Check out his tour dates.


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