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This month the southern hemisphere emerges from the shadow of winter into the full light of spring. Sure, it’s still pretty cold and rainy, but there’s a definite sense of optimism and excitement in the air. We headed out to catch the best spring looks...

by i-D Staff
16 September 2016, 1:41am

Claire Summers

Fashion designer.

What are you wearing head to toe?
Sheer stars top by Pageant, gold lurex knit camisole by Kenzo and pants by Calvin Klein.

Define your style?
Sheer and/or tight.

What's your favourite album to listen to in the sun?
36 Chambers by Wu Tang Clan.

How would your friends describe you?
A lovable bogan.

What's your favourite place to enjoy the sunshine?
A Perth beach.

Who is your style icon?
Josie Packard,

What adventures does Spring hold for you?
Riding a huge Saturn returns wave of change.


Photography Claire Summers

claire summers