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i-D caught up with editor Ione Gamble, ahead of tonight’s launch party, to get an exclusive look at Issue 3.

by Charlotte Gush
23 July 2015, 11:34am

"Have faith in your own bad taste": this is the awesome John Waters quote that serves as a motto for post-internet feminist manifesto Polyester. Launched in September 2014, the girl zine of trash, kitsch and camp is going from strength to strength, having hosted a one-night-only anti-FGM art show, Female Matters, just last month and with Issue 3 out today.

Ahead of tonight's launch party, we caught up with Polyester's editor, Ione Gamble, to talk about the burgeoning zine culture in London and beyond, how Polyester has developed over the past year and even get a preview of some juicy shoots and quotes from Issue 3, featuring Viv Albertine, Dream Wife, Mary Benson and more...

Photography Joanna Kiely

Why did you create Polyester zine?
Polyester was initially founded to showcase creatives working, or drawing inspiration from, online culture. I found that people who produced this type of work were dismissed as temporary amongst mainstream channels and wanted to change that by creating a format that doesn't reject fashion as unimportant but still recognises its problems and aims to combat them.

How has the zine developed through the issues?
Since our first issue the zine has become more about focusing in on issue based subjects such as intersectional feminism and oppression against groups of people, which has been really important to me as it's created an open space in which people can discuss and debate.

Photography Eddyline Sikuku

What's the best thing about making a zine?
What I enjoy most about Polyester is the sense of community surrounding the zine and creating a space for my friends' voices to be heard, and artists who I respect.

Why do you think zine production has exploded?
I think people are turning to zine production as the tools are literally at your fingertips due to the internet. Social media has opened up zine culture to a whole new generation who may previously have never discovered the format.

Photography Eleanor Hardwick

What are your favourite quotes from the zine?
"You have to choose if you live your life making yourself comfortable or you contribute to the future." -- Musician and ex-Slits member Viv Albertine

"As women, we aspire to show all sides of ourselves, females aren't supposed to be super photoshopped and flawless, because who wants another perfect little pop star?" -- Poolside pop band Dream Wife

"Princess Julia is one of the key people for me who have pushed me to do what I want... She's quite straightforward in the advice she gives, but I think that's so important. She pulls me up on my shit and calls me out when I don't know stuff; she's just such a great mentor really." -- Designer Mary Benson on i-D Culture Correspondent Princess Julia

Polyester zine launches tonight at The Shaklewell Arms and is available to preorder here.

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