michèle lamy shows you how to throw a punch

Step one, observe your opponent. Step two, use your whole body. Step three...

by i-D Staff
11 February 2016, 6:49am

Michèle Lamy, the French artist and muse to Rick Owens, is here to keep you at ease on a night out. She's created a three-point lesson on how to throw a punch in a beautiful instructional video for T Magazine. The tattooed style maven lays it out like so: step one, observe your opponent; step two, throw your entire body into it; step three, know your strengths.

The instructional film's backstory is intriguing: director Katya Bankowsky also created the 1999 underground documentary Shadow Boxers about the female fighter Lucia Frederica Rijker. A professional boxer and kickboxer, Lucia never lost a match in her career, and went on to influence the film Million Dollar Baby—she trained Hillary Swank for the role and had a small part herself. You can see Michèle Lamy's turn in the ring here

Last time we saw Michèle on screen, she was fronting the FKA Twigs self-directed music video M3LL155x. While she wasn't throwing punches there, she was equally fearsome.

michele lamy
katya bankowsky