get an exclusive look at the new bally campaign

Step into Irina Shayk's technicolour Bally dream world.

by Georgie Wright
26 January 2017, 9:33pm

In case you had any doubt that Bally is super, they've just released their spring/summer 17 campaign video called, well - Bally is Super! The slogan was coined in 1979, just as the world was about to erupt in fluorescents, synths and supermodels. So it's apt tagline for the similarly Technicolour campaign shot by Gregory Harris in London. As well as up and coming hunks Kit Butler and David Trulik, it features the ever mega Irina Shayk pulling shapes and playing shapes, and answering 'What's Your Favourite Colour?' with 'yellow' and 'red' and all the colours. Because it's the 80s, more is more.

Basically it's all bright and fun and in an unusual change from the current blues clogging up the world's news feeds - it's happy. And if that doesn't get you watching, perhaps the prospect of hot boys riding bicycles in a full pink suit will?


Text Georgie Wright 

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