​find out how best picture, birdman, was filmed

A behind-the-scenes video shows how the Oscar-winning movie was made.

by Stuart Brumfitt
25 February 2015, 1:22am

Whilst it beat off the competition to win Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars, Birdman's clearest victory arguably came in the Best Cinematography category. The virtuoso camerawork is the most astonishing aspect of the film, as you swoop from scene to scene in what feels like one epic take. The man in charge (under Director Alejandro Innaritu) was Emmanuel Lubezki, who's previously worked on Gravity, The Tree of Life and Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Check out how he went about it all in this behind-the-scenes video from Fox Searchlight, which sees actress Amy Ryan describing the whole experience of filming as a dance and lead actor Michael Keaton saying how he worried about the health of the camera operator ("he'd be dripping in sweat just physically what he had to go through") and explaining how the incredibly elaborate shots have to be "precision perfect."

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