​city guide: reykjavik with úlfur úlfur

Take a trip to the Icelandic capital as rap duo Úlfur Úlfur share their favourite hometown hangouts.

by Francesca Dunn
17 November 2015, 2:42am

27-year-old Arnar Freyr is one half of Úlfur Úlfur. Born and raised in the small town of Sauðárkrókur, he has lived in Reykjavik for the past seven years and is inspired by the cold weather to stay inside and make music. He raps because it's fun and it makes him feel good, describing his music - quite rightly - as "god damn genius". While we don't know what Úlfur Úlfur's bars are actually about, we were won over by both their charming selves (they played the i-D stage at Iceland Airwaves last week) and their legendary music videos in which Arnar rides a pony through the city. Strong. Also, Ülfur means wolf. Even better.

Explore the best places…

For eating: Fish of the day for lunch at Ostahúsið.

For drinking: When I want a drink or two I usually end up at Kex Hostel. Good beers and good people in a warm place.

For coffee: Kaffismiðjan, now called Reykjavic Roasters. Damn good coffee.

For dancing: Húrra. I don't dance, but when I do it's usually there.

For music: Prikið! Prikið! Prikið! They have all the best DJ's and you can just stand and look good.

For escaping: Eiðistorg.

For record shopping: Lucky Records, I've heard. I'm not a big spender when it comes to records because internet.

For clothes shopping: Spúútnik.

For first date: Do whatever works for you but end by the old harbour. Ships are sexy.

For inspiration: The sculpture garden behind the Einar Jónsson museum is pretty cool.

For walking: All the streets in downtown Reykjavík are worth walking on.

For sleeping: All the benches in downtown Reykjavík are worth sleeping on.

For people watching: Kolaportið.

For the best view: The rooftop of Gamla Bíó is a hidden gem.


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