Liebe kann schwer sein, aber du wirst sie überleben - The Time Is Now Issue, 2013

what three decades of i-D covers can teach you about love

Over the past 36 years we've had a lot of couples on the cover, and picked a thing or two up along the way.

by i-D Staff
13 February 2016, 8:10pm

Liebe kann schwer sein, aber du wirst sie überleben - The Time Is Now Issue, 2013

With Valentine's Day approaching a lot of people have love in mind. Now, we personally don't believe that February 14th is the sole property of lovers. Those infamous 24 hours can be repackaged to celebrate anything that makes you smile—be it your friends, family or reflection.

Over the past few decades i-D has had a lot of couples on the cover, and not all of them represent picture perfect romance. So ahead of the big day, we're taking a trip down memory lane and picking up a few stylish lessons along the way. Remember, even if you don't have a Valentine on Sunday you always have us.

Love is tough, but you'll survive - The Time Is Now Issue, 2013

Valentine's doesn't have to be romanic to be awesome - The Wise Up Issue, 2012

No date will ever get you like your mates - The Lights, Camera, Action Issue, 2012

Fact: Couples do start to look alike after a while - The Whatever The Weather Issue, 2012

No matter the situation, don't forget that you're the prize - The Exhibitionist Issue, 2011

So don't hesitate to let people know - The Living Loud Issue, 2011

Some things sound better whispered - The Lovers of Life Issue, 2010

Everyone has a past—even Christian Grey - The Flesh and Blood Issue, 2009

The bumps make it fun - The Insi-De, Outsi-De Issue, 2009

Girls and boys dig a suit - The Manhood Issue, 2009

Everyone loves Aggy - The Agnyss Deyn Issue, 2008

Let the good feelings wash over you - The Artistan Issue, 2008

When in doubt, take your shirt off - The Couples Issue, 2007

Don't be afraid to be an animal - The Ice Cream Issue, 2007

Love is cool, but nothing is as cool as Cassie and Diddy - The Older and Wiser Issues, 2007

Nothing lasts forever, not even Teairra and Jay-Z - The Straight Up Issue, 2005

Love is like business, it's better if you lean in - The Inspiration Issue, 2001

No one will every love you like your dog - The Man and Beast Issue, 2001

And we'll never love anyone like Kate and Naomi - The US Issue, 1994

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