'love island' is getting an american remake

CBS is developing a U.S. version of the insanely popular British reality show.

by Hannah Ongley
08 August 2018, 9:28pm

Still via YouTube

By this stage, you’re either aware of a hit UK reality dating show called Love Island, or have already binged all the old episodes on Hulu, utterly addicted to these spray-tanned strangers bumping uglies on a Majorcan island. For the uninitiated: “Love Island” is blatant code for “Sex Island,” a remote slice of paradise where a cast of 20-something singletons compete for 50k quid by shacking up and speaking very creative slang, in the hopes of not being voted off by viewers. It was only a matter of time before the show was remade for American audiences, given that’s basically Bachelor in Paradise on crack. Well CBS has finally picked up the rights to the show, and is bringing it stateside with the help of ITG Entertainment, which also makes the British version.

“It’s a cultural phenomenon that builds anticipation with every episode and creates appointment viewing — a pretty hard thing to do in today’s TV landscape,” David George, chief executive for ITV America, told the New York Times. “ Sharon Vuong, senior vice president of CBS’s alternative programming division, praised Love Island for spawning “compelling sociological think pieces in major publications here and abroad.” That sounds like a funny way to describe a show best known for the expression “laying it on factor 50 thick,” but the more problematic elements of Love Island have started serious conversations about emotional abuse and reality show representation. (To date there’s only been one same-sex hook up.)

According to the Times article, CBS’s Love Island will recreate the format of the British show, meaning it’s unlikely to arrive as a shining beacon of diversity. On the other hand, America is about to be blessed with some truly incredible isolationist vocabulary.

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