r.i.p. to woody allen's movie with timothée chalamet and selena gomez

'A Rainy Day in New York' has reportedly been axed by Amazon Studios.

by Hannah Ongley
30 August 2018, 9:07pm

Is Hollywood finally ready to call #TimesUp on Woody Allen? Well, Amazon Studios might be. The controversial director’s distribution company appears to have indefinitely shelved A Rainy Day in New York, Allen’s upcoming film starring Timothée Chalamet, Selena Gomez, and Elle Fanning. According to reports, Amazon still has no release date for the project, which has been sitting in limbo for some time now. Evidently, 2018 isn’t the time for a movie about Jude Law having sex with a 15-year-old concubine. Or, given that most Allen movies are about an age-inappropriate relationship, it could be that the director’s alleged sexual assault of his adoptive daughter is to blame. Probably, it’s both.

The online bookstore-turned-entertainment behemoth isn’t alone in distancing itself from A Rainy Day in New York. In January, Chalamet announced his decision to donate his entirely salary to a number of charities, including #TimesUp and the anti-sexual violence organization RAINN, after ‘having witnessed the birth of a powerful movement intent on ending injustice, inequality, and above all, silence.” Rebecca Hall and Griffin Newman, who also appeared in the film, announced within days of each other that they planned to donate their salaries.

Not everyone in A Rainy Day in New York was so resolute. Gomez and Fanning never directly apologized for working with Allen, much to the disappointment of fans, but were reported to have made private sizeable donations to the #TimesUp movement. And while the actresses copped flack from fans for not making stronger statements, reporters conveniently forgot to berate their co-stars Law and Liev Schreiber at every opportunity.

The Harvey Weinstein fallout has taken a few unexpected turns in recent days. Asia Argento’s alleged assault of an underage former co-star is opening up a difficult but necessary debate about the cycle of abuse. Louis C.K.’s surprise Comedy Cellar appearance, meanwhile, is proving men think assault can be laughed off with rape jokes. Unfortunately, abusers are only canceled when they stop making money, so props to the people who realized Allen movies are getting straight-up ridiculous anyway.

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