This viral tweet is making fun of your AirPods addiction

How far would *you* go to cop some new AirPods?

by Douglas Greenwood
19 November 2019, 12:29pm

Honestly, there’s something really satisfying about seeing someone embarrass themselves in public. Schadenfreude, I think it’s called: finding pleasure in the misfortune of others. We’ve encountered it a lot recently, like when this YouTuber went to a Venice Beach rooftop party, stuck fake power sockets onto plant pots and watched on as party people scrambled to steal them -- only to be left sorely disappointed and red-faced when they realised they’d been scammed.

It’s always the simple things that we derive the greatest pleasure from, isn’t it? Well, knowing this, somebody on Twitter has transformed that age-old ‘penny on the street’ prank into something millennials and Gen Zers are more in tune with. Yep, they’ve replaced loose change with lost AirPods.

In an attempt to mess with some magpie-eyed San Franciscans, art director Pablo Rochat printed out some realistic, true-to-size stickers of lonely AirPods and dotted them across the city’s sidewalks.

Since the tweet was first posted, it’s racked up nearly 70,000 likes and over 12,000 retweets. One user called it “chaotic evil at its prime”. Others pointed out that they missed a trick by not using an AirPod Pro instead.

But the biggest beef people have with this AirPod prank in the first place is not the fact that it happened, but that Pablo hasn’t stuck around (no pun intended) to capture people’s reactions. “Don’t know what’s more evil,” Twitter user Carrington says. “This prank, or not providing us with the reaction videos.”

So if you spot a lonely AirPod lying in the street, what will you do now? Would you pick it up, or save yourself the embarrassment of being met with a sticker designed to make you look like a fool? Tread cautiously, children.