slumber session: gila

He’s named after a lizard and makes beats for the club -- what else do you need to know?

by Matthew Whitehouse
21 June 2017, 12:00pm

Quite a statement of intent to name yourself after the only venomous lizard native to the United States but, hey, that's just how Denver producer Gila rolls, folks. Dark, chunky, with a deep and stinging bite, the slow-moving Gila lizard is [*heavily laboured metaphor klaxon*] actually a handy point of reference for his namesakes' music. The beatmaker, real name Kyle Reid, combines sharp, booming subs and freeze-dried melodies to create a sound feared across the entire southwestern United States (stick with us).

He was once a member of very good US rap group, Gorgeous Children, picking up support from Benji "Don't Call Me Benjamin" B on Radio 1 and attracting attention from XL, who chucked out his GENKIDAMA EP last summer. While that release was very much in the Lunice/HudMo world of uber cool production types, new EP Pick Six, out now via Deviation, sees Kyle shed his his skin somewhat (ok, sorry that's the last one), returning with a more evolved palette of techniques and textures for a tripped-out world of his own making.

"For this mix I took the idea of Slumber Sessions quite literally," he tells us. "I didn't want to cop out on the idea of sleep being possible while listening to this mix so I embraced the idea entirely and played some tracks that put the mind at ease, while still being a rewarding listen if you're conscious." Music you can still enjoy even if you're awake, then. Rag'n'Bone Man take note. 


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