Photography Fredrika Eriksson

Sarah Klang’s new music video is a sexy, line dancing fever dream

Taken from her forthcoming album 'VIRGO', the Swedish singer’s latest single ‘Fever Dream’ is perfect.

by Frankie Dunn
28 January 2021, 9:00am

Photography Fredrika Eriksson

People who move around a lot as kids always have an air of mystery about them. Swedish musician Sarah Klang was one of them, never really having a solid childhood home or city to call her own. “I guess it made me neurotic and good at adjusting,” she reflects. Looking back, she remembers her earliest musical memory being of her grandmother humming in the kitchen — an apparently very impactful moment that would see her grow up to win a Swedish Grammy for her sad girl vintage pop debut, Love In The Milky Way in 2018, and receive a further two nominations for her follow-up, Creamy Blue, the following year.

Now happily based in Gothenburg, where Sarah has made both a home and a name for herself, she’s gearing up to release her third record, VIRGO, on 7 May. Ditching the classic 60s and 70s sound that presided over the previous two, this one has a real smorgasbord of influences: from 80s pop and 90s R&B to the late, great Swedish songwriters of yore. “VIRGO is more about myself and not so much about breaking up or falling in love,” she explains. “I mean, the songs revolve around three different guys, but I think it’s mainly about ME.”

Definitely about Sarah then, is her new single “Fever Dream”, a beautiful country-tinged pop song that you’ll literally never guess the inspiration behind. “I basically watched this Eddie Murphy movie,” Sarah tells us. “I don’t know what it's called in English… Beverly Hills Cop? Anyway, I watched it with a fever, and had a fever dream about a guy I really, really liked and it was all very strange because he was Eddie, but then he was not.” The camp, playful video — which we’re premiering here today — is equally as nonsensical. “It’s just me and the director Fredrika Eriksson going nuts with a green screen,” she adds. “It was supposed to be sexy, and it ended up… sexy?” It did. 

Watch the truly enchanting Sarah Klang line dance in a pair of thigh-high leather boots, flanked by two cowboy friends, as she pushes green screen possibilities to the max and has much more fun than the average person in 2021. Press play below, dance along to the dreamiest of love songs, and get to know Sarah via these 10 fun facts… 

1. Sarah was once proclaimed “the saddest girl in Sweden”
“It’s a great slogan! And yes, I still am.”

2. She still keeps a piece of paper on which young Sarah wrote down the lyrics to her first-ever song
“It went like this: ‘Aj lov jo vaj dont jo lav me?’ which I feel is a pretty heavy song, right?”

3. She knows exactly what her forthcoming album would be a good soundtrack for 
“Something by a Swedish director called Fanny Metelius. I love her work.”

4. Sarah identifies as a Horse Girl  
“I used to ride and be with horses all the time when I was a kid. I love horses. They’re so beautiful and intelligent and kind.”

5. And she wouldn’t mind being reborn in the Middle Ages 
“That’s my kink… corsets, kings, swords and stuff.”

6. She used to work her dad’s restaurant, which specialises in Danish food
“I think I was great at my job. I like nice and polite people, but some people who eat out are just straight up assholes, so I guess I wasn’t always the best waitress.”

7. Her son is a chihuahua called Nils
“He is a very, very happy peanut. My dad has a dog too. His name is Jack and used to stay with me when he was a puppy, but then he got big as a fuckin’ horse and didn’t really enjoy the city life.”

8. And her dream is to be a guest on an American talk show
“Just the idea of walking in when Conan O'Brien says your name?!? Wearing a hot dress, smiling. That’s it. That’s the goal.”

9. It has been confirmed: Sarah would make a very good housemate
“I am the most tidy person you’ll ever meet.”

10. She has a lotttttt of big plans for 2021
“I want to start touring again! Play live! Record another album! Have babies???”

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