Watch Harry Styles do an unexpected Lizzo cover

I don’t want to say “this BBC Live Lounge performance is even better than the original” but…

by Roisin Lanigan
19 December 2019, 10:47am

Screenshot via YouTube.

Singer, actor, i-D interviewer… is there anything Harry Styles can’t do? Well, this video of the Fine Line star performing a cover of Lizzo’s constantly-played-but-still-a-bop “Juice” would suggest that no, there isn’t.

Harry was over in the Live Lounge to celebrate last week’s release of Fine Line, his second solo record. And on top of delighting fans with stellar live performances of new tracks “Adore You” (honestly, same) and “Lights Up”, he added in a lively rendition of “Juice” that was -- almost -- cheerful enough to finally get us into the festive spirit.

Harry clearly had fun with it, replacing Lizzo’s original lyrics with the names of people he knows, “bitch” becoming “Mitch” for guitarist Mitch Rowland. Lizzo, obviously, was beside herself at the shout out, posting a tweet that she was ‘melting’ over the cover. She later wrote “Anyway, I’m having a great day!” Harry + impeachment = we can relate.

Then in an interview following the performance he gushed about the singer, who has become truly the internet’s star of 2019. “I just think she’s amazing,” said Harry. “She’s exactly what you want an artist, to be, which is themselves.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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