this could be the first campaign for lady gaga's makeup line

Are these leaked photos our first official look at Haus Beauty?

by Erica Euse
08 July 2019, 4:06pm

Ever since it was reported that Lady Gaga trademarked Haus Beauty in February 2018, Little Monsters have anxiously been waiting for a glimpse at the pop star's cosmetics line. Besides teasing the skincare and makeup brand on her Instagram for months by tagging pictures of her glam with #HausBeauty, Gaga has shared little information about its launch (a Haus Beauty website quietly went live in January).

Now, fans finally seem to have a first look at what appears to be campaign images for the pop star’s anticipated brand. Over the weekend, the Instagram account @trendmood1 posted images of Gaga in dramatic glittery makeup.

The photos, which also include shots of two models, were leaked over the weekend and seem to be unedited. Many fans are praising Gaga for maintaining a natural look and not overdoing the Photoshop — a rare occurrence in the beauty industry. “I love that you can see her freckles! That's one thing about her...she looks so natural and is so beautiful!” one commenter wrote.

It’s unclear if these are actually the final Haus Beauty images or when we will be able to get our hands on Gaga’s goods, but we suggest saving your money now.

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