kate moss responds to long-lost 1994 fan letter

Today was a good day for Fiona from Hereford.

by Alice Newell-Hanson
05 January 2017, 7:05pm

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23 years ago, Fiona from Hereford, England, had two burning questions: Should she go into modeling or hair dressing? And was Kate Moss really dating Johnny Depp? Using A+ initiative she decided to go straight to the source. She wrote Moss a letter on lined notebook paper in two different colors of ballpoint pen. She told Kate that, ultimately, she had decided to go into hair and beauty rather than modeling, "because I love chips and junk food and I am short." She also asked Kate to confirm her relationship status and to "send autographs or photographs please." She finished the letter with a picture of a smiling flower for flair.

For context, 1994 was the year Kate Moss met Johnny Depp and by the time Fiona's letter arrived at Kate's then-agency, Storm, the world's two most beautiful people may well have been dating already (they met in February). 1994 was also the year Moss starred in this major CK One ad campaign. So somewhere in between modeling for Calvin Klein and dating Johnny Depp, Moss was not able to respond to Fiona's letter. She may never have even received it, it turns out.

Today, Moss's newly launched talent agency, Kate Moss Agency, published a photo of Fiona's long-lost letter on Instagram with the caption "FOUND - Unopened fan mail from 1994!" The agency also wrote that they are rewarding Fiona for her long wait with a signed copy of Moss's Rizzoli photo book.

Back in 1994, Fiona signed off her letter, "in years to come who know [sic] I might even be doing your hair and make-up fingers crossed." Two burning questions now: Has this happened? And does Fiona still love chips? Watch the Kate Moss Agency Instagram for news.

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