5 fashion vines that will loop in our hearts forever

We say goodbye to the video app with viral moments that impacted the fashion world for far longer than just six seconds.

by Taylor Ford
27 October 2016, 9:10pm

We're more upset than we ever imagined we would be about the news that Twitter is shutting down Vine, the six second video app that rooted itself into pop culture and wrapped its way around our social-media-addicted hearts. Don't panic just yet: the official statement from Vine assures us that "Nothing is happening to the apps, website, or your Vines today." (Phew!) But to honor the prolific platform, we've rounded up the top five Vine moments that threw the fashion world for a loop.

Vanessa Friedman's moving portrait of the Olsens
Everyone's been a victim of posing for a video they thought was a photo, but when it's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in front of the iPhone, the effect is hypnotic. New York Times fashion critic and early Vine adopter Vanessa Friedman captured The Row designers in a "very zen" moment before their spring/summer 14 show, in which the sisters demonstrate their signature composure while looking faintly, politely confused. The clip has nearly 9.5 million loops and counting.

Marc Jacobs's #StaffStyles
Before street style photographer and men's fashion aficionado Mordechai Rubenstien became your ultimate Snapchat crush, Mister Mort spent his time as Marc Jacobs's Global Communications Manager, showing off the team's outfits on Vine. From New York to LA, in the office and on the runway, MJ staffers were stars of stop-motion in leopard print and bright Hawaiian florals.

Lily-Rose Depp fandom
If you're one of Lily-Rose Depp's 2.1 million Instagram followers you know her bio reads, "this is my only form of social media! all other accounts (twitter, facebook, vine, snapchat, blog, etc.) are FAKE!" Well, she may not post to her own Vine account, but her angelic face showed up on the app long before it did in a Chanel campaign. Obsessed fans have been mining for LRD gold since at least early 2014, cutting her cameos in friends' clips into minutes-long YouTube compilations set to pop songs. Creepy? Yes, but six seconds of a social media it girl simply isn't enough.

Cameron Dallas's Calvin Klein ad
Cameron Dallas is commonly and appropriately referred to as the "Justin Bieber of Vine," boasting ripped abs and a 9.5-million-strong army of seriously devoted fangirls. So great is his influence that all it took was one tweet stating "I want to be a Calvin Klein model" and the social media heartthrob was standing next to Stella Lucia in a campaign for the brand, wearing the same CKs JB did before him.

Grace Coddington unboxing an animal
When Grace Coddington stepped down from her 30-year tenure as creative director of Vogue, the publication presented her with an unexpected gift — and blessed us with a Vine that keeps on giving. If you're sad about the end of the app, or about basically anything at all, just watch this three-part Vine and your smile will be on loop forever.


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