more details emerge surrounding vetements's big move to zürich

Tax haven, or creative hub? Perhaps both.

by Isabelle Hellyer
20 March 2017, 2:20pm

Is Zürich

 the new Berlin? That's going to be a difficult question to avoid now that Demna and Guram are relocating to the Swiss city. After just three years, the poster children for the European avant-garde are uprooting their operation from their Parisian headquarters, and laying deeper roots over the border.

"Paris kills creativity. Its environment with the 'bling bling' is destructive. I'm done with the whole showing-off in fashion and the superficial glamor," Guram Gvasalia told Swiss paper Tages-Anzeiger, as translated by Business of Fashion. "Taxes are obviously another reason for the move," he admitted, "But not the most important one." Indeed, in an earlier interview with WWD, the executive claimed the city was home to "an underground scene to rival Berlin's." Guram confirms 40 employees have already made their move to Zürich, with the entire transition complete by September. 

The new space, a former Phillips factory, occupies 16,000 feet across four floors. "It feels right and the atelier will finally have decent light," the Vetements strategist says. "It's about finding balance in life, for myself, for the company, and for Demna." 

Indeed, some balance may do the pair good. As Guram told i-D this time last year, "we definitely overwork, but in a good way. When you love what you do, it doesn't seem like an obstacle. The best way to keep sane is sometimes just to stay home and switch off the wifi." The only difference today? Both brothers' private homes are now located in Zürich.


Text Isabelle Hellyer
Photography Mitchell Sams
Styling Caroline Newell

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