clara amfo’s 10 favourite songs by women today

From Katy B to Syd tha Kid, the BBC Radio 1 DJ celebrates International Women’s Day with this playlist of solid gold female belters.

Matthew Whitehouse

Who better to pick her 10 favourite songs by women today than actual professional song-picker and woman, Clara Amfo. A weekday DJ on BBC Radio 1 - that's numero uno, the toppermost of the poppermost music lovers - not only can she be heard every day between the hours of ten and one, she also puts on a club night, ABOUT, between the other ten and one at London's XOYO (22.00 and 02.00 to be precise). The next one's happening tomorrow - featuring special guests Syd tha Kid (The Internet) and Matt Martians (Odd Future) - but if you can't make down it don't panic. In honour of International Women's Day, Clara has kindly shared with us her 10 favourite songs by women today and it's chock full of certified belters.

1. Katy B x KAYTRANADA - Honey
"Katy's appeal for me is that she is a proper round the way girl. She reminds me of the girls who used to sing on the back of the bus en route to school. It's not everyday sing club bangers, Ms B can do sensual too!"

2. Charli XCX - Secret
"Charli XCX has had fantastic success and I still feel that she's underrated. She writes fun, cool music that I reckon will still sound good in ten years. She has her own record label now which is great. Looking forward to seeing who she brings through."

3. Rihanna - Consideration ft. SZA
"Two for the price of one here. Rihanna can deliver a global smash whilst proudly maintaining her Bajan sound and I love that. Sza's solo EPs are effortless and I like that she's become a secret weapon for other other artists whether it's on features or solely songwriting. I enjoy the laziness of this beat."

4. Bibi Bourelly - Sally
"She's been behind the scenes helping make hits for other people (Jack Ü, Rihanna). Slowly but surely she's coming through and the girl has no filter!"

5. Laura Mvula - Overcome
"She's come back, switched it up but has maintained the sound that introduced us to her. I've always liked the way she layers her voice, it's like she sings in a round with herself."

6. Rosie Lowe - Woman
"She has a really cool tone. She did a piano session for Huw Stephens recently that was laaaaarvely. This song gives me Carole King vibes."

7. Anne-Marie - Karate
"It's as if there are 3 tunes going on at the same time in this. She has an EP out with the same title and it's sick."

8. Charlift - Romeo
"Slightly cheating because they are a female/male duo but as Caroline's voice is prevalent I'm hoping that I can get away with this [You can get away with it, Clara]. She has a slight yodel when she sings and their album MOTH is solid."

9. Beyonce - Formation
"A vital anthem. A great meeting of pop and politics."

10. The Internet - Special Affair/Curse
"The Internet are one of those bands whose existence I'm really happy about. If N*E*R*D* and Jamiroquai had a kid, it would be them and Special Affair/Curse is a strong taste of their sound. Syd never has to try too hard with her vocals, they're dreamy."

Tickets for Clara's club night, ABOUT, are available here.