​mercedes-benz capture the burning desire of eliot sumner and lucie von alten

The model and musician couple star in the dramatic spring/summer 17 fashion film, shot by Swedish music video director Christian Larson.

by Charlotte Gush
06 June 2016, 11:15am

Brit musician Eliot Sumner and German model Lucie Von Alten star in Mercedes-Benz Fashion's explosive spring/summer 17 campaign, Burning Desire, a fiery fashion film that explores the couple's intense relationship. The film was shot on location in an old steel warehouse next to a disused stone quarry in the Romanian capital of Bucharest by the renowned Swedish music video director Christian Larson.

Speaking behind the scenes, Sumner says she was "Incredibly excited to hear that Christian will be directing," explaining "I'm a big fan of his work" -- Christian has been an editor on Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga projects -- "and we have a lot of mutual friends in Sweden". Lucie Von Alten adds, "I love the concept for this shoot, when I saw it the first time it looked so cool and dark and mysterious and dangerous".

Describing his concept, Larson says, "I think that there is a beauty in destruction and in this case, I felt fire, and burning things, could look very beautiful. Fire is always something that brings people together -- the storyline of the two girls meeting is about them being intrigued by the fire -- and it also suggests the idea of 'playing with fire'. I wanted to play with emotions, objects, elegance, rebelliousness in some kind of virtual dystopian world."

Eliot and Lucie both wear custom designs by the London-based, Georgian fashion designer David Koma, who says he was inspired by LA artist Frank Cotta. "I love his rusty metal, brutal sculptures," Koma explains, adding that the campaign stars are "very unique and feminine at the same time".

"Lucie's style is very cool," Eliot says, "It's quite similar to [mine] -- we like wearing black a lot. She always looks very comfortable, which I'm quite envious of". Lucie agrees, saying "We are quite similar in taste and style, I guess, but for sure the biggest difference is that I sometimes wear dresses and heels, I wear make up… and I wash my hair quite a lot!". On the topic of burning desires, Eliot notes her love of Nick Cave's entire oeuvre, and her wish to one day travel to space.

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