'arizona women' with natalie westling and molly bair

In "Arizona Women," models Molly Bair and Natalie Westling cross the flat lands, gorges, mountains, and canyons of the great American state to meet everyone from cowgirls-cum-beauty-queens to hippy mystics... and find out what it means to be an...

by i-D Staff
08 March 2016, 1:40pm


Director Liza Mandelup
Director of Photography Ryan Carmody
Producer Lauren Cioffi
Talent Producer Declan Higgins
Global Executive Producer Ravi Amaratunga
Field Producer Jennifer Vawater
Associate Producer Jack Robinson
Associate Producer Matthew Whitehouse
Associate Producer Kate Villevoye
Associate Producer Tom Ivin
With Natalie Westling and Molly Bair
For The Society Management
Executive Producer Christopher Michael
Executive Producer Laurence Billiet
Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo Queens,
The Zia Janes, Cynthia T. Crawford,
Debra Stangl at Sedona Soul Adventures
Commercial Creative Director Bunny Kinney
Head of Production Bree Horn
Production Manager Lauran Clark
Production Assistant Lily Rose Thomas
Post Production Coordinator Regina Lemaire-Costa
Head of Post Production Daniel Elias
Post Production Administrator Laura Davidson
Art Director Valerio Oliveri
Studio Manager Polly Williams
Motion Graphics Director Steve Gurr
Editor Thaddeus Ruzicka
Assistant Editor Al Kamalizad
Additional Editing Danny Reams
Sound Mixer JP Robelot
Colourist Loren White
Sound Edit Matthew Polls
Sound Mix Cody Ball
Original Concept by The Society Management
In Association with PGM Model Management
Special Thanks Heather Hamel, Well Armed Women Arizona Chapter & The Society Management

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