the creator of 'daria' reveals what happened to the lawndale gang

Spoiler alert: Daria became Liz Lemon.

by Wendy Syfret
05 April 2017, 3:34pm

Since it went off the air in 2001, Daria fans have enjoyed speculating about what happened to their favorite Lawndale locals. Did Daria escape suburbia? Are Britney and Kevin together? What is Quinn wearing these days? You could argue that the fun of this kind of chatter is in not knowing, and being able to fill in the gaps with our own fantasies. But If that seems like too much work, don't worry. The show's co-creator Susie Lewis has revealed where she sees the characters ending up.

Lewis broke it down for Entertainment Weekly. Daria did make it to New York, and has the bittersweet job of being the only female writer on a late-night talk show. Straight up, that's a great idea for a TV show. We'd dig seeing the sardonic brainiac dealing with the complexities of realizing your dream in an industry that's lifted you up while blocking the paths of other women. Oh wait, that exists and it's called 30 Rock.

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Jane isn't too far away; she lives in a SoHo loft with her archaeologist husband. Following the pattern set by most people in her life — except Daria — he's away a lot for work. Trent's across the water in Queens, enjoying middling success as a musician and working as a bartender. Quinn is still in Lawndale down the road from her folks. She's balancing life as a single mom of triplets with a blossoming career as a food and beauty vlogger. Jake and Helen are living a typical retiree existence, balancing travel with senior cardio classes.

Finally, true love is real and it doesn't exist in the city. Brittany and Kevin are still together, raising five kids. Britney works as a weather girl and cheerleading coach (she still fits into the uniform) while Kevin is largely a stay at home dad. We have to say, when it comes to holding onto the things and people you love — these two are kind of the dream.


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