​10 music videos to trip out on

Can't stop watching Dexter Navy's video for A$AP Rocky's LSD? Us either. Here's 10 more videos that make the weird look wonderful.

by i-D Staff
25 May 2015, 1:50am

Yesterday A$AP Rocky released his new music video LSD, directed by our friend Dexter Navy. It tells the story of one heady night in Tokyo, capturing that feeling of losing your mind a bit in a place you don't quite understand. We can't stop watching it because it's addictive and beautiful. Here's ten more iconic music videos that made us feel trippy too.

Tame Impala, Elephant
The archetypical trippy music video, Elephant has it all. Turn the volume all the way up, hit full screen, and stare into the swirling rainbow of colours and kaleidoscopic live footage as the band flash before your wide eyes in god-like wonder. Watch this and tick 'Attend a Tame Impala concert on acid' off your bucket list. FD

Prodigy, Smack My Bitch Up
"Inappropriate for minors. You have to be at least 18 to see this video." Released in 1997, Smack My Bitch Up by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund pissed off loads of people and thrilled the rest. It is surely a contender for best music video of all time. The twist is supreme. It's heady and messy and it spins you out. Like all the best music videos, it takes you on a trip you can't predict, and you won't ever get over it. SR

The Avalanches, Frontier Psychiatrist
What the hell man. Everything about this is bizarre. The freaky smile drummer lady, the person quietly doing a bridge/ crab on the right of the stage with her giant bird and baby-man crew. The old man head with a tortoise body. Welcome to the real freak show. - Don't worry, you're just tripping. Go and sit over there for a while. SR

Chemical Brothers, Let Forever BeTeaming The Chemical Brothers up with Michel Gondry was always going to result in something awesome. Collaborating back in 1999, this classic plays with transitions and explores the idea of parallel universes and time, space and shape shifting. Take a trip through a day in the many lives of the subject. Sliding Doors 2.0 FD

Basement Jaxx, Where's Your Head At
Is this the sort of thing that happened in 2001? Traktor directed this entirely terrifying music video for Basement Jaxx and it used to scare me every time it came on MTV. Animals with human faces DJ'ing? This is some Human Centipede shit. "You have now found yourself trapped in the incomprehensible maze" one horrifyingly evolved monkey says. What imagination did this come from? Is that person ok? SR

Aphex Twin, Come To Daddy
Right from the offset, when a sweet old lady lets her dog piss on a broken TV set and a demonic face flickers across the screen, we know we're in for a creepy ride. Next thing you know, a gang of children with Richard D. James' face chase you through the estate that A Clockwork Orange was filmed on and attempt to steal your soul/fuck shit up. Their 'daddy' eventually emerges from the TV as the love child of Voldemort and the producer, and screams in granny's face. Nightmare! Nice one, Chris Cunningham. FD

David Lynch, Good Day Today
A few years ago, cult director David Lynch put out an open call to budding film directors and fans to make the music videos for two tracks from his music project. This is the winning film for the track Good Day Today. Directed by Arnold Parscau, it's respectfully and appropriately weird, paying tribute to Lynch's habit for surreal, nightmarish moments that take place in the lives and minds of seemingly normal people. How would you like your eyes - fried or scrambled? SR

Busta Rhymes, Gimme Some More
Directed by Hype Williams and Busta Rhymes himself, this video is tripped out with a fish-eye lens, exaggerated colours and a cartoon style. When a young Busta bangs his head, he switches things up and loses himself in his messed up imagination because FLIP MODE IS THE GREATEST. Don't give him any more, he's had enough. FD

Frank Ocean, Pyramid
If you've ever experienced that flaming sugar cube absinthe moment, well that's probably the last thing you remember from that night. In a music video directed by Nabil, Frank Ocean ends up at a strip club and the girls he sees dancing start to disfigure into aged scary vampire creatures. It's trippy, trippy, trippy. SR

Pharrell Williams ft. Hatsune Miku, Last Night Good Night
Taken from Takashi Murakami's 2013 Jellyfish Eyes movie, the visuals for the Pharrell-produced Last Night, Good Night is a Japan fan's wet dream. Created by Murakami, the animated mindblow features the universe's no.1 vocaloid princess Hatsune Miku showing off her sultry moves in space as a cartoon Pharrell casually dances around with characters from the film which appears to be a cross between Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials triology and Pokémon. Goodnight. Dream big. FD


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