we need to talk about shudder: the netflix of horror

You're in for a scare.

by Matthew Whitehouse
20 April 2017, 2:29pm

Forget Netflix and chill. Shudder is Netflix and chill-you-to-the-bone. It's a brand new online streaming (nay, screaming service) offering a hideous, hateful hall of horror for scary monsters and super creeps everywhere. Brought to you by the boils and ghouls at AMC, Shudder contains a unique library of hard-to-find international films, cult grindhouse classics, and Hollywood blockbusters that cover everything from ghost girls, devilish doctors, killer kids, and murderous masterminds. Plus a healthy dose of Hammer Film's hellions thrown in for good measure. With Emiliano Rocha Minter's gleefully transgressive We Are the Flesh launching on the site today, we thought what better way to celebrate its release than to have Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman give us his personal top ten Shudder faves? Frights, camera, action...

"A neon-tinged, martial arts macabre. The shudder exclusive series Halfworlds (directed by Joko Anwar) is pulp-fantasy horror where ancient demons in an urban landscape fight for the fate of a chosen one. It's awesome."

We Are the Flesh
"A lot of dark films (horror, thriller, etc) are colored by cliché iconography, especially when it comes to someone satanic (robes, skulls, you know...). Emiliano Rocha Minter's new school transgression We Are the Flesh, however, feels genuinely carnal, and maybe truly evil. Colorful, explicit, and psychedelic, this one hypnotizes you as it unsettles you. You can't look away, even if you might want to."

"An under-seen Canadian creeper. For those seeking out a proper eerie psycho-thriller, dive into this gem about a pair of siblings and their anatomical dummy friend."

Shrew's Nest
"This is one of my favorite Shudder exclusives. This Spanish horror film is astounding. The tale of an agoraphobic seamstress and a neighbor who falls victim to her care, sews shades of Misery and Repulsion into a gorgeous, menacing thriller that grows more twisted by the minute."

Cold Prey I & II
"Possibly a cheat, but I see no reason to separate a perfect pair. Double feature the first two films in the Norwegian series Cold Prey (two of the best neo-slasher films). An engrossing, high-energy take on the sub-genre, these two films boosted director Roar Uthaug's emerging career (who is directing the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot) and star Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (who stood out in the badass role of  "Armistice" on Westworld)."

The Room at the Top of the Stairs
"Bringing short films to Shudder has been a real joy and I'd love to single out this bewitching, highly atmospheric coming-of-age. And since you'll have the time, feel free to follow this up with the Australian short standout The Last Time I Saw Richard."

Ginger Snaps
"A werewolf classic that remains as biting as ever. One of the best portraits of sisterhood, coming-of-age, and carnivorous lunar activities."

The Mummy
"What's any list without a classic creature? Hammer all-stars Lee, Cushing, and director Terence Fisher come together for this delightful 1959 take on an age-old curse."

We Go On
"Continuously surprising, this American indie is a perfect portrait of why we tell ghost stories. Filled with mystery, the uncanny, and emotion, We Go On is something both traditional and special: a smartly told scary story."

Sun Choke
"A visceral feature from director Ben Cresciman, Sun Choke stars Sarah Hagan and Barbara Crampton against each other in a stunning psychological downfall. Sun Choke goes wild."

Emiliano Rocha Minter's We Are the Flesh launches on Shudder today (20 April). 


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