harry styles covered kanye at his first ever solo show, and we were there

On Saturday night he played The Garage in London.

by Frankie Dunn
15 May 2017, 2:24pm

"There's not much room to prance up here," Harry Styles told the several hundred fans, friends, and handful of press at London's The Garage on Saturday night with a frown. "I usually like to prance." After rumors had circled around about a secret London show, Styles tweeted that morning that a limited number of first come, first served tickets would be available for sale for just £10 at the box office — sales going to The Little Princess Trust, also where he previously donated his hair. The resulting line traveling up Liverpool Road was naturally peppered with pajama-clad teenage fans.

Dressed in a pink Gucci suit with embroidered dragons creeping up his legs, Harry looked and sounded great — despite claiming he had "rusty joints." He and his new band worked through his debut self-titled solo album (which went straight to number one in 84 countries on Friday) and covered Kanye's "Ultralight Beam" and delighted fans with a song he wrote four or five years ago with One Direction's "Stockholm Syndrome." In doing so, Styles showed once again (after discussing it in Harry Styles: Behind The Album documentary, which is out this afternoon) that he's not ashamed of his boyband past at all. 

Between songs there were cries of, "I love you Harry!" in accents that spanned the globe. "Sorry, what was that?" he joked, prompting more screams from fans that had journeyed from as far as Japan and Jamaica. 

Here's what else you missed:

- Harry assured everyone that he was enjoying himself. "I'm having a very good time. You might not be able to tell from my monotone voice, but I am."

- At one point, the crowd start chanting "KIWI, KIWI, KIWI." Harry responded by asking them to, "keep chanting while I go for a wee."

- It was a fan's 19th birthday and Harry had the whole room serenade her before commenting that, "in my opinion there should be more 19-year-olds called Eileen. COME ON EILEEN! I think a Sony exec was in that band. Wasn't Nick Gatfield in that band?"

- While he didn't crowdsurf on Saturday, he said that he "did my first stage dive last week and it doesn't feel a third as cool as you'd think it does. It doesn't feel very good."

- At one point, a fan screamed at him that she got a tattoo yesterday. Harry asked what it was of. Not him, apparently. "Oh, I thought it was something to do with me. You interrupted my speech for it!"

- After the room sang along to "Only Angel," Harry remarked that, "I know it's only a woohoo, but I take that to mean that you know the words, and it came out yesterday so I'm very happy about that. So thank you!"

- The audience screamed, but it wasn't enough for Harry. "I'm a narcissist so I'm gonna need more," he told them, before adding, "I'll never forget tonight. Thank you. Love you very much."


Text Frankie Dunn
Photography Sofi Adams

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