'moonlight' fans want the new crayola crayon named 'chiron'

Because "black boys look blue in the moonlight."

by i-D Staff and André-Naquian Wheeler
02 June 2017, 7:25pm

Crayola recently asked the public to help brainstorm names for a fairly new blue crayon of theirs, launching a #NameTheBlue campaign on Instagram. While Donald Trump's "covfefe" typo was a popular suggestion (please God, no), there was one particularly euphonious name that stood out from the crowd: "Chiron." 

That's right, the shy, soulful protagonist of Moonlight might enter the crayon boxes of kids across America. The suggestion is in reference to the film's standout line "In moonlight black boys look blue." Director Barry Jenkins created visual gold out of this quote, highlighting the beauty of dark skin by having a young Chiron stand on the shore at dusk — his skin a luminous indigo color.

The crayon's mysterious, electrifying blue does deserve a beautiful moniker. Its current name is "YinMin," a name quickly cooked up by the researchers who accidently discovered the color in 2016. It's a smashing together of "Yttrium," "Indium," and "Manganese," the names of the chemical elements that make up the inorganic pigment.

Barry Jenkins has voiced his support for the campaign. He retweeted Moonlight screenplay co-writer Tarell Octavian's #NameTheBlue tweet.

Crayola's call for suggestions officially ends today, so hurry up and visit the company's website to pitch your idea (*cough* Chiron *cough*) before it's too late. 


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