I think, therefore I ‘gram; here are june’s best instas

From Lily-Rose Depp’s rare #tbt to Willow Smith’s proud moment, here are the best grams of the month.

by Tish Weinstock
01 July 2016, 4:40pm

Isamaya Ffrench gets intergalactic
This week i-D's fave make-up artist goes to infinity and beyond, bringing badgal Riri along for the ride. Here she shows her mad make-up skills, having transformed the Bajan beauty into a sci-fi queen in her new video for Sledgehammer.

Marc shows his true colours
Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there is a naked Marc Jacobs rolling around in a ball pit. To celebrate Pride, fashion's enfant terriblé post this rather raunchy pic loving life and having a ball(s). We <3 you, Marc!

Michel Gaubert flips the bird
Serial loller and superstar DJ Michel Gaubert is back to his bad self with this hilariously meta meme of someone flipping the bird at a real life bird.

Ke$ha gets her own back
Sticking a bit fat finger up to body-shaming trolls, Ke$ha posted this empowering picture of her ass, which you can all literally kiss. You go Glenn Coco!

Devon Aoki takes a trip down the memory runway
Queen of the noughties catwalk, Devon Aoki was the girl you always wish you were. Or at least the girl you wished you could be friends with/stalk casually. And then she sort of went off grid; that was until Jeremy Scott put her back on the fashion map 20 years later when he sent her down his spring/summer 16 men's runway for Moschino.

Lily-Rose Depp gets nostalgic
Despite everything going on in the world of Johnny Depp, his dreamy actress/model/insta star daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, took a moment to share this rare #tbt of her dad. <3

Willow Smith goes over the rainbow
Rocking her Baja East rainbow top for Pride, Willow Smith pledged her allegiance to the LGBTQI community.

Jacko takes down Donald Trump
If you don't already follow Paris Jackson online, you're seriously missing out. From her throwbacks to her cute collages, she's worth more than a scroll or two. In fact, here she is having superimposed herself and the face of President hopeful Donald Trump onto a vintage pic of her dad. Pretty and funny too!

Drake peers into the future
Proving that he is, yet again, an absolute baller, Drake peered into the crystal ball and envisioned his future as a 40-year-old dude getting his hair did at his wife's salon in Houston Texas. #preach


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