happy national puppy day!

We’re celebrating the greatest day of the year by paying tribute to fashion’s favourite dogs.

by i-D Staff
23 March 2016, 1:00am

Image via @nevillejacobs

Chances are when you woke up this morning you thought it was a regular day. You'd have breakfast, try find a pair of matching socks, make a coffee and continue your life with the comforting monotony you're used to. Sorry to interrupt the schedule, but it's National Puppy Day so we're going to need you to drop everything and descend into an internet hole of squeals and happy crying.

Now you don't need us to remind you how amazing dogs are—they're loyal, fun loving and adorable. But they're not always given the full style cred they deserve. There is a reason the internet is built on pictures of them in clothes, they're natural style icons. To prove our point and celebrate this magical day we're honouring our favourite dogs in fashion.

Bruiser Woods

Not to start on a downer, but among all the joyful celebrating today it's important to take a moment to remember one of cinema's most iconic dogs. Moonie the Chihuahua who played Elle Woods' dog Bruiser in Legally Blonde died this week. Bruiser was an impressive 18-years-old (that's 126 in dog years). His former co-star Reese Witherspoon paid tribute to the little guy on Instagram writing, "With a sad heart, I have to let all the #LegallyBlonde fans know that Bruiser Woods (also known as Moonie) passed away yesterday". He will live on, wearing tiny jumpers, in our hearts.

Neville Jacobs

When it comes to social media clout, Neville Jacobs has few rivals. Marc Jacobs' beloved bull terrier regularly treats his 188k Instagram followers to shots of him in his dad's designs. But his popularity isn't simply overflow from Marc, he has an impressive amount of poise and charisma for someone with four legs.

While his feed is punctuated by celebrity guests—Kendall and Stella are definitely among those 188k—he hasn't let the human love get to him. Most of his life seems to be spent with his crowd of dog mates and he's committed to giving back to those less fortunate. Three months ago he partnered with the Sato Project to help homeless and abused dogs in Puerto Rico. Cool friends, perfect selfies, a squeaky clean image—his starlet credentials are certainly up to date. If you have any lingering doubts, just refer to his front cover and a spread in Paper Magazine last November.

Blu Jenner

Considering Kendall Jenner is 80 percent legs, it makes sense that she'd find her spiritual animal match in a great dane. Her dog Blu was an 18th present from her enigmatic brother Rob. Unlike the most illusive Kardashian, Blue is a regular on Kendall's social feeds. When he isn't hanging out with the reality royalty's other pets—this family collects animals like magazine covers—we assume he spends his blessed days roaming mansions and abstaining from chewing on Louis Vuittons.

Asia Kinney

Celebrity pets usually spend their days drinking Evian water and sleeping on cashmere blankets. Obviously there is no way to know that, but hey, it's a cute mental image. But Lady Gaga's French bulldog Asia Kinney has never rested on her laurels, she seems to work as hard as Gaga. Alongside keeping up a legitimate social media empire that crosses over InstagramFacebook and Twitter (not bad for someone without opposable thumbs) Asia is also a successful model. She's appeared in campaigns for Coach and Shiseido and graced the cover of V Asia and Harper's Bazaar—we're really, really hoping she makes a cameo in the next season of American Horror Story. For now one lingering question remains though, how did she go with the meat dress?


While a lot of the dogs on this list are fancy pure breeds that were always destined for the sweet life, Toast's story is considerably less blessed. Looking at her Karen Walker campaign, you probably wouldn't guess that this little lady started out in a puppy mill where abuse lead to her losing all her teeth. Luckily she was rescued and ended up in the life of comedian Joshua Onassis, aka Fat Jew.

Today her floppy ears, heart melting eyes and trademark tongue (a result of her lack of teeth) have seen her attract the attention of Leandra Medine, Alexander Wang and Leonardo DiCaprio who are all dedicated fans. Move over Miley, there is another tongue in town.

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