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talking about love with the most romantic band in melbourne

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we get in the mood with Terry. The band is not only our newest music crush, but possibly the best double date ever.

by i-D Staff
13 February 2016, 9:35pm

Ben Thomson

As far as locations to start a band, it doesn't get much more romantic than Mexico City. With the Zócalo town square at twilight, mariachi music, food stands and cantinas serving ice-cold cerveza, it gets all very romántico.

It was in the Mexican capital that Melbourne garage band Terry first floated the idea of forming.

Two couples—Amy Hill and Al Montfort and Xanthe Waite and Zephyr Pavey—found themselves chilling there after Al and Zephyr's other band Total Control had finished up a US tour. Talk turned to starting a simple and charming pop band that could tour and vacation together.

Back in Melbourne they began writing songs with shared vocals and instruments that traded on infectious melody and harmony.

The band has since released a 7" single on UK label Upset the Rhythm and have a debut album on the way.

We caught up with Amy and Xanthe on the balcony of Xanthe and Zephyr's home on a warm summer evening to talk about love.

So the band was born on a Mexican vacation?
Amy Hill: Yeah but it was a funny holiday as Al ended up getting tonsillitis. It was funny, well not for him, but I had to go to the pharmacy to get him all sorts of stuff. As someone who doesn't speak Spanish, I had a hard time communicating and had to act out things like sore throat. Everyone found it very amusing.

Terry is obviously made up of two couples, does that automatically mean you tend to write love songs?
Xanthe Waite: There are no love songs on the new album but there's something in the delivery. There's a lot of love in the band. I think that having your boyfriend and girlfriend in the band is great because that the person you care about the most you are sharing music with.
Amy: Also practices are good too because we just hang out and have a good time and then all go and have dinner together (laughs).

So Valentine's Day is on the weekend, are your boyfriends particularly romantic?
Amy: Al does romantic stuff all the time.
Xanthe: Zephyr is a closet romantic (laughs). He does things likes buys me a bike and then fixes it for me. I think that's romantic.

What's the most romantic thing you've done for them?
Amy: When we first started dating I rented a place down the coast where he told me he used to go when we was little. We spent a few days down there just hanging out.

Was it a surprise?
I didn't tell him much. I'd told him that I'd planned for us to go away but that was about it. Also I don't think I had a car at the time so his Mum may have lent us hers to go down there.

Do you find yourself looking at other couples in bands and going, "awww"?
Amy: Jules and Marty from the Twerps are romantic I think. He's really romantic. He's told me before that touring would be so much harder if Jules wasn't there.
Xanthe: I'm looking forward to Terry touring for that reason. You know the ease of it all and sharing experiences.


Words Tim Scott
Photography Ben Thomson

Tim Scott