woman crush wednesday with @chunyinrainbowchan

This Wednesday we're celebrating the electro-angel by premiering her new track 'Last'.

by Hannah Butterworth
11 May 2016, 3:25am

Images via @chunyinrainbowchan

Rainbow Chan is the electro-pop angel with the kind of hair cuts that have been tempting you since high school. Originally a classically trained musician, she has spent the past few years carving out a reputation as one of Australia's most innovative electronic artists and a darling of the local scene. If that's not impressive enough in-between slaying at shows she teaches kids saxophone.

As well as being our Woman Crush this Wednesday, i-D is also premiering her latest track Last. Listen to it here, and then spend a minute getting to know the girl behind the electro-ethereal sounds.

Rainbow Chan.

Instagram handle?

Bowie or Bobo.

Where are you right now?
In between moving houses.

What do you do for work?
I teach school kids saxophone and piano.

What do you do for fun?
Eat burgers and chips at the beach, or yum cha.

What song will forever put you in a good mood?
Shinzo No Tobira by '80s Japanese band Mariah. The title translates into "My life is big". The lyrics are in Armenian and I find them very poignant. It's quite a minimal track with a rudimentary percussive loop and an unpretentious melody, but its simplicity reminds me that you don't always have to go for maximal.

What do you cook when you want to impress someone?
Rendang chicken with coconut pancakes. It's Poh's recipe. I sometimes like to imagine her as another older sister of mine because she seems fun and intelligent. We'd have some amazing Sunday family feasts.

What's your dream pet?
One of those creepy, super agile, advanced robot dogs from Boston Dynamics. Check out their videos. It's fucked up. The future is here.

What's something that you're passionate about?
Etymology! I love learning about the history of words and the way things change through errors and/or through cross-cultural exchanges.

If you had to wear one label for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ugh speaking of I'm currently streamlining and culling my wardrobe. It's pretty shocking when you actually confront your excess. Fashion is changing at such a rapid rate with things like social media formatting and shaping images and culture. So it'd have to be something classic that didn't have a particularly detectable look or aesthetic. Maybe something normcore like Muji.

What were some of the inspirations or reference points behind Last?
I imagined a young Haruomi Hosono from Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kylie Minogue (Body Language era) on a hot Tinder date.

What do you love about the internet?
That it's a time capsule but one that flattens history. Chronology is distorted and memory is pathologically maintained to the point where the old and new collapse into one weird mass.

Describe your Instagram feed?
Visual puns and innuendos.

Where else can we find you online?  
I just made a new website! You can check out my work here.

Country or city?

Britney or Beyonce?

Health food or junk food?  
Health food first so I can eat junk food later.

Heels or sneakers?

Early mornings or late nights? 
Late nights.

Dating or hanging out?
Hanging out.

Hotels or camping?
I only just got into camping recently, it's great. When I learn how to chop firewood and start a fire by myself, I'll feel like I've graduated.



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