​kano’s made in the manor documentary just dropped

The East End grime legend spits bars live outside the house he grew up in, discussing his musical career and the making of upcoming album Made In The Manor.

by Charlotte Gush
28 February 2016, 10:25pm

London grime legend Kano just dropped a 9 minute documentary to accompany his upcoming album Made In The Manor, a reference to the house he grew up in on Manor Road in East London. The film starts with Kano performing live outside number 69, spitting bars from a new track T-shirt Weather In The Manor, with no beat, just his awesome raw flow.

Speaking about the creation of Made In The Manor, Kano says, "I knew if I dive in and I really talk about stories that I lived through and people that mean a lot to me, you're going to have the good times and the bad times, and the nice side to the Manor and you're going to have the slightly more sinister side".

As the film follows Kano around the streets of East London he grew up in -- Manor, Barking, St Olaves Rd -- he explains, "There's definitely a feeling of we're not supposed to be shit, or have shit or become anything great," adding, "I just wanted to be so much more and just to do better".

"I think this album is about a personal journey, and family," Kano says, teasing what he has said is his most autobiographical record yet, set to drop in a week.

Made In The Manor will be released on 4 March.

Made in the Manor