it's a holy trinity: lil yachty is making a mixtape with soulja boy and lil b

As he pushes for a mainstream breakthrough, Lil Yachty's out to bring two of our favourites with him.

by Isabelle Hellyer
12 April 2016, 2:45am

Eric Chakeen

Lil Yachty started rapping six months ago. Now he has 11 million Soundcloud plays on one song, 1 Night. You can chalk Yachty's to success up to timing, but it's probably more a matter of him being really likeable—the perfect amount of funny and sincere. His songs aren't exactly memes, but turning The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony into a banger is a good laugh.

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Since he's on the come up so fast, Yachy's decided he might as well pull a few artists along with him. You'll be down with his chosen partners on the ride to the top. In March, while chatting to Complex Yachty announced he was "trying to put Soulja Boy back on the map." He was confident, too. "Seriously, I could do it. He just gotta rebrand himself and he could still have the whole youth's attention." The pair have internet savvy in common: Soujla's boy's Superman was the first song to chart of the back of YouTube success alone. 

Clearly Yachty doesn't sleep, cause a few weeks later when he met with VFILES, the project was up and running. "I met Lil B and Soulja Boy," Yachty said, "We're gonna make a mixtape together, we're gonna make the Pretty Boy Millionaires 2 mixtape." Yes fam, yes. 


Photography Eric Chakeen

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