girli shouts out i-D in new song, girl i met on the internet

Take an exclusive first listen and meet GIRLI's favourite online friends.

by Frankie Dunn
20 September 2016, 12:06am

Our pal (online and IRL) GIRLI's new tune is a banger. "We're the cool teens, we look good in i-D magazine," opens Girl I Met on the Internet. Featuring GIRLI aka Milly both rapping and singing over an addictive 8bit loop, the track is a celebration of having fun and being young, angsty and restless. She muses on the all-too-familiar feeling of having crushes on strangers online, getting butterflies from those DMs that edge ever closer to a real life friendship. Plus, the hook is literally, "the internet". So good. So GIRLI. We want to eat up her candy pop until we feel sick. Take an exclusive listen to the track below and meet the pink-haired queen's favourite girls that she met on the internet…

"A URL friend turned IRL bae 4 lyf. Luv this gal - saw her slay it at Club NME at KOKO and slid into her Twitter DMs that night. We bond over booze, boys and choons. Us gals in music gotta look out for each other."

"Linda's my babe from Berlin. She originally found my music on Soundcloud, then when she stuck her head out of the window that looks out on my flat balcony because she was flat sitting for my neighbours and asked "are you GIRLI?", we naturally hit it off with a bottle of Rosé and a happy friendship was born. Linda can also be seen playing a great passed out girl in the music vid for Girl I Met On The Internet."

"I haven't even met this chica yet but I like 2 think we're insta friends. one day soon we'll hang. she's fucking raaaaad!! front woman of a cool band called The Aqua Dolls."

My mate Ellie is a sick photographer and hit me up on Instagram asking if she could take pics of me. We ended up taking photos the next day all over Notting Hill and we got falafel. Look out for her in the video for Girl I Met On The Internet ;)

"I've been a huge fan of Kate for ages and then she hit me up on Twitter one time and I was so starstruck. She's been super supportive with what I'm doing and looks out for me as I'm just starting out in the industry and she's got loads of experience especially as a woman making music in such a difficult industry. She asked me to DJ at an event she put on at Old Street Records and we danced to Bowie, Starman and all was right with the world." 


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