music farewell 2015

We've compiled our finest mixes of the year for you to welcome in the new one.

by Briony Wright
31 December 2015, 3:05am

Photo courtesy UV Boi

2015 was a relentlessly great year in music; a year where it seemed anything went. Genres were combined and invented, there were unexpected comebacks and collaborations, standout female MC game and so much fodder for great mixes that we were spoilt for choice. 

Throughout the year we called on some of our favourite artists to create 'Music To...' mixes for us and we have compiled them here as a snapshot of 2015's musical fabric. Play it loud. Happy New Year!

1. Tropics & Joseph Russell: Music To...Get Tropical To With Friends

2. Myth Syzer: Music To...Listen to in Your Car Before Your First Meeting with Your Future Wife

3. Shash'U: Music To...Make Street Dancers Want to Eat it Up

4. Baro: Music To...Eggs and Bake-On To

5. Nina Las Vegas: Music To...Get Ready To

6. Nozaki: Music To...20150829 ForestLimit

7. So Much Lasagne: Music To...Transcend Time and Space

8. Victoria Kim: Music To ... Drink Bubble Tea To

9. Ille: Music To...Feel Feelings

10. UV Boi فوق بنفسجي: Music To... Strap In The Durags

11. Misha Hollenbach: Music To... Why Why Why Why?

12. Heart People: Music To...Gaze Skyward To

13. Nite Fleit: Music To... Chug You Along on a Train Ride

14. Laila: Music To...Bring you Back and Move you Forward

15. Banoffee: Music To...Get Dressed To

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